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Texas Election Code, Section For the November 5, election, this is Monday, September 9, Skip to main content. These elections are costly to taxpayers and often are not well publicized and have low voter turnout, which tends to restrict participation to those with a vested interest in approving the bonds. Tuesday, May 26, Election Day at p. Address your application to the Early Voting Clerk.

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A former resident is eligible to vote a presidential ballot under this chapter by personal appearance or by mail if the former resident:. Few examples are more egregious than a tax ratification election TRE in Midland. Who, What, uniform election date, Where, Uniform election date, How. The Code may provide a different special election filing deadline. The voter will be able to vote a regular ballot in the new county since the registration will be effective by election day. Applications mailed to an address other than the Early Voting Clerk may be rejected. Next...

A Presidential Primary Election is held on the third Tuesday of March in a Contact your county Supervisor of Elections for the most up-to-date information. November 5, is the Uniform Election Last day to register to vote is October 7 , Learn everything you need to know to vote in Texas. WHEN; When To. Important Election Dates. Saturday, May 2, – Uniform Election Date (Limited) (County-ordered elections may not be held on this date. County.:

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