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Loading wiki. Average number of distinct values among the attributes of the nominal type. At the end of their four minutes, participants read more. Licensed under the Public Domain Dedication and License assuming either no rights or public domain license in source data. Second quartile Median of kurtosis among attributes of the numeric type. They were also asked to rate their date on six attributes: Attractiveness, Sincerity, Intelligence, Fun, Ambition, and Shared Interests.

Speed Dating Data – Attractiveness, Sincerity, Intelligence, Hobbies

Third quartile of standard deviation of attributes of the numeric type. Try It Now! During the events, the attendees speed dating dataset have a four-minute "first date" with every other participant of the opposite sex. Not found what you're looking for? An estimate of the amount of irrelevant information in the attributes regarding the class. Next...

Speed Dating Data – Attractiveness, Sincerity, Intelligence, Hobbies Experiment, Fisman et al. had a bit of fun with a speed dating dataset. In fact, the participants in the dataset attended only a single speed dating event, not multiple events, so it's not possible to directly check. Speed Dating Data Set 18 “Speed Dating” in Appendix B lists attribute ratings of females by males who participated in speed dating events, and some of those.:

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