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Log in. New Members. Alisha has been brilliant and genuine - at the event and post event - still in touch and still looking to help me find a good match. From a male perspective from attending the event: Unless you look like a model Aamir Khan the Indian actor or Ryan Reynolds with a muscular body broad shoulders with a 6 pack you will not get a look in. I would still love to come to future events as me and some brothers felt this was a good place to meet people. However, trying to make conversation can be so difficult because it can get loud and everyone is speaking over one another.

Muslim events in London, United Kingdom

Further, muslim dating events uk, tea was only provided at the start and only left over dessert was there without notice. At the end when i asked to see a guy for 5mins my request was firstly confused and muslim dating events uk completely ignored and my paper on which i wrote the number was just left in-front of me. Please do apply the same level of caution when contacting a fellow guest that you would use when making any new acquaintance. Very good event, everything was well organised and on time. I was pleasantly surprised of the men who were at the event. However the biggest issue which I had was the doing round table in groups. Next...

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