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Tinder Users Can Now Share Their Favorite Music With This New Spotify Profile Feature

Spotify integration in Bumble has been around for a few years now, allowing prospective matches to view the artists you listen to the most on the popular music streaming service. If you like How to change top spotify artists on tinder, you may also like:. Or browse results titled :. If you disconnect your Spotify-account from Happn you can choose your favorite tracks from Spotify by yourself, which is real nice! OnePlus 7 Pro vs. They can change their song at any time, so they don't have to worry about finding that one track that defines their entire existence. The 20 Top artists gathered from Spotify to Tinder are indeed extremely inaccurate!

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Oftentimes, it shows artists that you listened to weeks or months prior — or artists how does tinder pick spotify artists listened to just once, and suddenly they appear in your top artists list. Check out the whole Social Media series. Updated on Hey! Instead of disconnecting Spotify from Bumble, some users have reported that signing out of both Bumble and Spotify can fix the issue of out-of-date top artists. However, now, Tinder is making it easier for matches to connect based on their taste in music with a new profile feature that is powered by Spotify. Next...

Linking your Spotify account to your Tinder will also display the artists that you If you were ever into Myspace, you'll remember the stress that was picking your. @bumble_app How are my top artists from Spotify pulled from their app? If I want to signal with specific fave artists what would I change. Tinder's new Spotify music feature for profiles allows users to potentially first impression, there are many things a potential match can pick up on just in the dating app will also be able to select their favorite artists to also be.:

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