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Hinge for Android free. Download fast the latest version of Hinge for Android: Flirt when you want with people adapted to your interests. We provide Hinge - Dating & Relationships APK file for Android + and up . Hinge - Dating & Relationships is a free Dating app. It's easy. Our engineers have been hard at work to make your chats faster and more reliable, so you never miss a message — update the app and check.:

This is a great app however this only downside is the lack of Android versatility, I have a really hard time editing any photos or info on my profile without having to battle the system The app , for starts was brilliant. But lately have been facing problems where the chats disappear and you can't see them for a while and then they reappear after a few hours. The messages are perpetually sending for some reason. The notifications are inconsistent and now it seems to show me only the people I crossed. It's really nice , but now it's started to be a drag. It says my profile is complete, also says your profile must be complete before liking anyone.