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Timeline of early Islamic history

Bernard Lewis writes that "the creation of new hadiths designed to serve some political purpose has continued even to our own time. The purpose of the Battle of Uhud was to defend against a Quraysh attack. The Hadith, according to them, was mere guesswork and conjecture, while the Quran was complete and perfect, and did not require the Hadith or any other book to supplement or complement it. However, according to Wael Hallaq, "the bulk of hadith with which the traditionists dealt, and on the basis of which the Jurists derived the law" were known as ahad —i. Abu Rayya used reports of transmitter criticism to characterize Abu Hurayra as a "dishonest opportunist". First woman captured by Muhammad as war booty : Rayhana [] []. In , some of Muhammad's followers emigrated to the Ethiopian Aksumite Empire and founded a small colony.

Dating Muslim Traditions: A Survey

According to M. Atlas of the Prophet's biography: places, nations, landmarks. Dating muslim traditions a survey "Go forth against this caravan; it may be that Allah will grant you plunder. Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse, While the age of the prophet at death may be of little relevance for Islamic law, other hadith have considerable relevance. Next...

, ; H. Motzki, “ e Question of the Authenticity of Muslim Traditions Recon - Method and eory in the Study of Islamic Origins, Leiden , Date: Keyword: The Most Influential Muslims Mahathir named Muslim Man of the Year. FMT Reporters. Death Rites and the Making of Islamic Society Leor Halevi –; and Harald Motzki, “Dating Muslim Traditions: A Survey,” Arabica 52 (): – .:

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