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Mila dates fashion designer and student Nina 29 , sports club manager Christina 30 , journalist Jarry 26 , event producer Charlotte 31 and Ashley, 30, who is in mobile ad sales. Nick clearly was into her and they did a cute bit where they reenacted a scene from the movie Sideways together, but was Sarah actually interested? Gurki Basra auditioned for Dating Around , Netflix's first-ever dating show, on a lark. In a word, things get brutal. After Justin leaves, Basra takes a deep breath, gets up, and walks out to the car. I just need 5 minutes with the guy who tried to make Gurki feel small for being divorced.

It's a Tender Counterpoint to the Prevailing Shallowness of the Genre

Show Comments. She tells Justin that he doesn't understand the cultural pressures she was under. What did they talk about? Entertainment Television, LLC. After watching their tense interaction, it's easy to understand why. How would anyone ever trust you? Next...

Gurki Basra went into "Dating Around," Netflix's new dating show, with an The year-old jewelry buyer was out for drinks with a friend who was "I told the producers, 'Just so you guys know, I'm not trying to get famous. Netflix. Part of a slew of new releases on Netflix, Dating Around was . the level of older man 'cool' that Leonard on Dating Around possesses. The fifth episode of Netflix's Dating Around centers Sarah, a 25 year old a tendency to fall for the wrong guy, but on her five first dates, she is.:

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