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Radiocarbon dating of East african lake levels.

The original text of this Convention shall be deposited in the archives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome. Your email address will not be published. The Executive Secretary shall, without undue delay, notify the Contracting Parties of any decision or recommendation adopted by the Council of Ministers. Members of the committees, sub-committees or working groups established by or pursuant to Articles VI. The Executive Secretary shall be the chief executive and legal representative of the Organization.

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This drought parched the region and emptied all of the sampled lakes, including Victoria. Amendments shall be adopted by unanimous vote. The Council of Ministers shall hold a regular session once every two years at such time and place as it shall determine. Recognizing and acknowledging the efforts already made by the three riparian States of Lake Victoria to strengthen regional cooperation in the spirit of the Agreement for the Establishment of a PermanentvTripartite Commission for cooperation among them signed in Arusha on 30 November. Staff members of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization, including the Executive Secretary and the Deputy Executive Secretary, shall, dating around lake victoria, provided that they are not nationals of the State of Uganda, be permitted to maintain assets outside the State of Uganda and be exempt from any form of taxation on income derived from sources outside the State of Uganda or on property outside dating around lake victoria State of Uganda. He shall hold office until the next regular session and thereafter the chairmanship of the Executive Committee shall rotate among the heads of the departments responsible for fisheries management in accordance with the alphabetical order of the names of the Contracting Parties. Next...

By taking core samples from Lake Victoria, as well as Lakes Tana in able to pin the refill date of Lake Victoria to around 14, years ago. Title: HIV Sero-behavioural Study in the Fishing Communities along Lake Victoria in Uganda  Author: Lake Victoria Basin Commission Date: Icon. To better understand Lake Victoria fisheries, studies dating as far back as the s have been carried out to assess the status of the fish.:

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