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We Still Can't Get Over 'Dating Around' Star Gurki Basra’s Cringey Date With Justin

I say all of this because, to watch episode one, Dating Around feels like little more than a slickly made advert for a dating app and a very obvious advert for Lyft. One man that we can definitely name who Gurki does not remain on friendly terms with is Justin. This all makes sense to the other guys in the episode. Meet The Umbrella Academy, a team of superheroes who all hate their dad. In Netflix teen dramedy Daybreak, the Los Angeles city is the center of th. The rest of the show, however, is absolute heaven.

Netflix's 'Dating Around' Will Help You Feel Better About Being Single

Among the four very boring men and one insanely attractive man who I have since added on Instagram one, named Justin, takes incredibly personally the fact the woman they meet — Gurki — is divorced. View our Privacy Statement for more details. Gurki's parents are from the Punjab province in Indiashe explains, and met on their wedding day. Justin gets the last word in. By Zak Maoui 22 July The teens of Glendale, CA have more to stress over than crowds at the Dating around justin. Next...

Things got awkward during episode 2 of Dating Around when Justin and Gurki had a tense exchange. Netflix's dating show 'Dating Around' follows six New Yorkers on a When Justin insinuated that Gurki wasn't a credible authority on love. Justin and Gurki on Dating Around. Image: Courtesy of Netflix. Justin and Gurki's date can be seen on episode two of Dating Around. Gurki.:

The dates generally go well, with some going better than others but none really crashing in flames—except for Gurki and Justin. Doubtfire -style five-places-at-once thing. Everything seems to be going along just fine as the small talk unfolds… and then the topic of marriage comes up. Gurki talks about how her parents, who are from North India, had an arranged marriage. As she tells Justin, her parents made it work with their arranged marriage, so she could make it work with this guy she actually chose to be with. This all makes sense to the other guys in the episode.