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We Still Can't Get Over 'Dating Around' Star Gurki Basra’s Cringey Date With Justin

Dating Around is beautiful, yet it starts with its worst episode By David Levesley 26 February Netflix's foray into romantic reality TV starts with one of the most boring episodes of Your one stop shop for the latest news in the world of Netflix. Free-spirited, pun-addicted analytic recruiter Sarah had the most turbulent week of all the five main Dating Around participants. According to Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls, the beloved family dramedy, may really, truly be over. Why Gurki and her awful date With Justin still makes us cringe This is Basra's polite way of saying she doesn't keep in touch with Justin, one of her five dates. The teens of Glendale, CA have more to stress over than crowds at the Americana.

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The dates generally go well, with some going better than others but none dating around justin netflix instagram crashing in flames—except for Gurki and Justin. Our social media stalking concludes that Betty is currently in a relationship with a hot French guy. Season 2 coming soon! Our social media stalking is inconclusive because Tiffany's profile is private. Our social media stalking concludes that Sarah is currently single and not with Matt. Next...

Justin Willman. Magician + Comedian MAGIC for HUMANS now streaming on @ netflix. Season 2 coming soon! Come see me on tour! Click the link for tickets. Twitter seems to think Sarah and Justin are both the worst on Netflix's new reality series "Dating Around." Let's compare, shall we?. For those who haven't seen it, "Dating Around" is Netflix's attempt at a reality dating show that spans cultures, Justin (Gurki's date) was a complete asshole.:

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