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Netflix viewers left shocked over Gurki and Justin's disaster date on Dating Around

At the end of each episode, the single picks one of the five to go on a second date with, and love presumably blossoms from there. By clicking above you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not that many," Gurki explains. They connected over their interest in fitness, and the moonlit salsa dance in front of the restaurant was pretty sweet. Tags Dating Around Netflix. These two are kindred spirits. In episode 2 of Dating Around, singleton Gurki has a particularly troubling interaction with her date, Justin, that has left the internet with strong feelings.

Netflix’s Dating Around has romance, clever editing, and more than just straight white guys

And despite not meeting anyone, she says she'd absolutely do the Dating Around experience all over again, because it affirmed that being her honest self is more validating than any man. She had to dating around gurki no second date out all of the negative energy in order to move on. I think it's a subtle thing. The daters are adorable, the banter is passable, and you'll watch as strangers open up to each other in this highly constructed version of a reality dating show. Where Are They Now? Not sing, mind you, but recite, straight-faced. Next...

Gurki (right) on a date with Salim, one of five first dates she'll interact . promises “one second date,” but there is no on-camera second date. Some of the dates go stupendously; others, not so much. Gurki Basra's meet-up with a dater named Justin was the second kind. During their. We polled the numerous Dating Around enthusiasts at The Ringer on .. a bad decision for their second date (including Gurki picking no one).:

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