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At first, it seemed like Gloria and Leonard had a chance, but things went downhill as soon as the text messages started. Was really enjoying it until I came upon Justin Then Mila showed her the Hindu mantra tattoo she had and explained the reading and its meaning and that was sort of it. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Eventually, Antonio was the one who pulled the plug on the date. Netflix's Dating Around is less high-stakes, though its subjects are still encouraged to go on a second date with one of the five potential partners they've just spent an evening with. After Justin leaves, Basra takes a deep breath, gets up, and walks out to the car.

We Still Can't Get Over 'Dating Around' Star Gurki Basra’s Cringey Date With Justin

At some point, I cracked," she said. No muss, no fuss. Did he blink at all during the date? Let her talk, bro! Their interactions were definitely fun to watch, but it sort of felt like Lex settled into more of an older brother role. How dating around gurki manny anyone ever trust you? Betty and Luke definitely had potential. Next...

During their date, Justin berated the divorced Gurki for marrying a man the show at all—and Dating Around executive producer Chris Culvenor agrees. . account executive Manny, Basra said she didn't see much long-term. Six singles are set to take the next step in this dating reality show with a twist. Watch trailers Dating Around: Season 1: Gurki - Arranged Marriage. 1 0 10?. Well, Netflix's new series Dating Around, where six singles are So the guy on dating around, “Justin” who went out with Gurki, good luck ever.:

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