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We want to see that come to fruition. Check your ego at the door. It was like 9 matches in the first 13 down. And then a lot of the guys can speak some broken English as well. The relationship ended in a tombstone piledriver to Tori from Kane. It was certainly entertaining, but thankfully not real. I remember looking at the calendar and it was three weeks before I was thinking of coming back.

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View author archive Get author RSS feed. Carmella gave him a makeover and he acted as her sometime manager, sometime dog, often distracting her opponents to help her win, dating a wrestler quotes. The feud between X-Pac and Kane continued to escalate and eventually, predictably, Tori turned on Kane to begin a relationship with X-Pac. It was certainly entertaining, but thankfully not real. Neither should your dreams. Next...

top ten reasons to date a wrestler Wrestling Quotes, Top Ten, Boyfriend, Fight Wrestling Quotes, Wrestling Videos, Female Wrestlers, Girl Pictures, Athlete. AP and Charley Gallay/Getty Images Alex Rodriguez was in Boise, Idaho over the Christmas holiday with his maybe girlfriend Torrie Wilson. We see a lot of CMLL and NJPW wrestlers in Ring of Honor guys, but But that was another crazy thing where, I had a date set to come back.:

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