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Why I will never date a Thai guy ever again

Nationality has nothing to do with it. I say attempt because that's where I've found my troubles with cultural differences begin. Learn a bit of English and sweet talk the western girls. You like him? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. But that creates many problems and such people are not able to think creatively, or run a successful business.

What To Expect If You Date A Thai Man – Are They So Much Different Than Western Men?

So she moved on and is now on her own in Bangkok. Fake The most fake of all fakers I have ever known was my Thai man. My point professional point of vew is that the problem you have colorfull described about your boy friend has very much to do with the fact that he was vey much drinking and that he did because he felt alone, does not change the reality…may be is so, why alone? They are also said to be intimidated by Western women and our "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude. Honestly, date thai guy, this date thai guy is easy. Cheating is not a good thing in China, in fact, they hate cheaters. Next...

PHUKET: For foreign girls, dating a Thai man can be an enchanting, fun, if you want to keep a Thai guy, don't sleep with him on the first date. One of the trickiest parts of being a Thai man looking to date in Bangkok is that they are surrounded by lovely women, but society dictates that. Western guys living in Thailand in many cases a) find Asian women particularly attractive or b) they find western women particularly unattractive.:

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