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How to Add Date Stamp to Photos

But sometimes we miss the small things, like for instance the classic date and time stamp on photos which can be useful from various perspectives. Double-clicking the downloaded file launches the Photo Dater application itself, not an installer. Change your hair , lip and eye color using Hair Color Changer. Apply the changes to see the date and time stamp on photos. At first font was to small to read and had to increase quite a bit to get a decent size Summary Tried different products, but this was the easiest to use, and free is good. User Reviews. Another interesting feature of this app is the possibility to apply your date stamp to multiple photos at the same time.

Best Apps for Date Stamping Photos on iPhone

UniChar — Unicode Keyboard. Cons It put the date of file is created and not the picture was taken date. Read reply 1. This will help protect Do you want to know the date or time when a particular picture was taken! You can view and save your date stamp pictures photos instantly, and can even adjust colors, change fonts, date stamp pictures, and make transparent. Next...

Easily add completely customizable date and time stamps to hundreds of pictures in one operation, very fast, by taking advantage of multi-core CPUs. DateStamper allows you to apply beautiful date stamps to your photos. —. " DateStamper brings back old memories for me It looks good, it gets the job done. Inpaint photo restoration software that can quickly and easily remove date stamp from photo. No complexity. No fuss. Infinitely easier, quicker and cheaper than.:

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