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Your personal information section must contain your full address and birthdate. A professional headshot is appropriate to include on your resume or with your application. Small differences in spelling should not become pitfalls for you. They even say "you are young, it is your benefit to provide your birth date on your resume". Semi-Newbie Posts:

Putting date of birth on a CV

For Spanish CVs, a photo is recommended. But there is a crucial difference between the two countries in this respect: Your application is immediately rejected in the US if you choose to pass along a photo nevertheless. British and American CVs do not require a passport photo, cv usa date of birth. Functional resumes focus on skills, with work experience organized by expertise. No more detail is necessary in the UK, it is appropriate to include A and O levels. If you include your birth date on your resume, you are running a chance you will be discriminated. Next...

In recent past including your date of birth on your resume was a from requesting your date of birth are also in place in the USA and UK. In the UK we don't have to write our date of birth on our CVs. The reason for this is that employers may discriminate on the basis of age. However, age is not an. CV that would never be included on an American resume, such as date of birth, place of birth and nationality. An International CV also typically includes a.:

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